How to write a better blog

How to write a better blog

There is so much more to writing a successful blog than meets the eye.

It may look easy to sit down and reel off some words and expect people to read them.

However, the way the world is today, time is money; and quite honestly most people seem to have so little of it (time that is – and possibly money) that you have to write something pretty special to get their attention.

So it helps to plan ahead when blogging.

I suggest the following steps to get your blog in order and to ensure it gets at least gets a cursory read to start with – and perhaps a more detailed look if someone is really interested:


  1. What are they going to get out of it?

Your readers need a point to what they are reading. So make your blog informative and memorable – and give them something to latch on to. Also, use specific keywords targeting the subject you are covering.

For example, this article is about copywriting so try and make your keywords writing-related.


  1. Have a structure to your blog

The outline of your blog should have a set structure that helps communicate what you want to say in the clearest and most understandable way. To do this start with an introduction, before explaining the point (or ‘raison d’etre’) of the article, and continuing with other points to the conclusion, where you wrap up the article with a call to action.


  1. Encourage the use of hyperlinks within your blog

It is always a good idea to help promote your website by including clickable links within your blog to your webpages. This will help to encourage your readers to search out information from you and increase your reputation as an authority on whatever subject you are blogging about.


  1. Use images with your blog

To help your SEO I recommend using at least one decent image when you post your blog, both on your website and in social media. It not only helps enhance the written content but also makes your blogs more attractive.


  1. Remember – a call to action

It is very important to have a ‘gift’ to give the reader at the end of your blog. It could be an e-book on the advantages of content marketing in growing your business – or simply an invitation to sign up to your website so as to enjoy unlimited access to the many nuggets of helpful information on successful blogging and content marketing.

Whatever it is, your reader will then become a fixture in your marketing and planning agenda, as you build up your subscriber list.


So there it is – five good ways to write a better blog. If you liked what you have just read please visit my website at

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Mike Peeters

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