Sculpture By The Sea succeeds again

Sculpture By The Sea succeeds again

I had a great night out at Cottesloe Beach the other evening with my daughter, visiting the annual Sculpture By The Sea exhibition.

The array of artworks was once again outstanding – ranging from a large metal ‘crushed can’ the size of a small car, to an ornate sculpture of a copper hammerhead shark and a large orange terracotta container simply entitled ‘Vessel’.

Other exhibits included an extensive and intricate wooden ‘A-frame’ installation – that did however look suspiciously like it had just been pinched from the local building site!

The hundreds of people at the exhibition were crawling like ants around the artworks.

Also although there were plenty of signs warning not to touch the artworks I am sure very few were heeded – especially by the children.

Of course, this may not have been too bad a thing – as long as no damage was done.

The highlight of the evening though was the stunning burnt orange Cottesloe sunset – which my daughter and I enjoyed from under the spectacular Norfolk pines – atop the main beach area.

It was sensational – and the photo below, although quite impressive I thought, doesn’t really do the sunset full justice.

All in all it was a fantastic evening and I encourage all who can to visit this exhibition, while it lasts.


By Mike Peeters



Sunset at Cottesloe Sculptures by the Sea



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